Top Jewellery is a privately-owned family company based in the Center of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Our passion is jewellery designs, we'd like to make unique and personal jewellery that has more meaning than just something to wear. We have 40 years of experience of craftsmanship and diamond knowledge which gives us a fair advantage over our competitors.

We understand the difficulties that come with purchasing custom-made jewelry. While it’s already hard to find someone you can trust, finding someone who understands your artistic vision is often harder. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and passion necessary for ensuring a seamless transition from fantasy to reality — bring life and remarkable accuracy to your imagination.

We do like to keep our selfs short and focus on the crafting and designing of your next memory. We have unbelible competitive prices and a massive stock range of diffrent gold carat jewellery. Come by our Store and let us take care of your needs!


We have two priorities at Top Jewellery, the customer and the quality of our jewellery. Both combined equals an extraordinary experience.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want, there’s a lot to choose from. We’ve tried to simplify the choices by only listing the most popular and unique designs of the mens and womens jewellery.

Top Jewellery Birmingham for Mens and Womens Jewellery

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Visit us at our store in Birmingham’s’ Jewellery Quarter and make the most important question in your life into a wearable memory!