Repair, Restore and Modify Your Jewellery


We know how hard it is to trust someone with your jewellery, specially when some of them can be sentimental or high valued. That’s why our 40 years of experience of being goldsmiths come in handy when you come in for a jewellery repair to our shop in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. 


We can repair everything as long as it’s made out of precious metal. We try to give you our best advise and right solutions. We usually are able to preform jewellery repairs within the hour, yes, just one hour, unless advised other ways. 

Broken Jewellery

We repair all kind of jewellery, in all shapes, in any metal, platinum, gold and silver with both traditional tools and laser welding.

Missing Stones

We have the best setters at hand, we do set all kind of stones on all kind of jewellery. We will always try to match the stone exactly.


We replace broken/lost stones, old claws, shanks, clasps and bails. You can ask us if your problem is not listed, we will most likely be able to help you!

Re-work my item

We often inherit sentimental items that we can’t wear or are to worn down. Let us take in your gold and make something special.

Modify My Jewellery

If you have a chain or bracelet you want to make longer/shorter or a missing earring you want to make the same of, we can do it!


We do all sort of engraving, on almost anything. Tags, rings, bangles and silver wear. We can also do PICTURE engraving on a tag.


Our jewellery is often something close to our hearts and is worn daily.

However, daily use exposes our jewellery to wear and tear, which may necessitate repairs.

We perform all types of jewellery repairs!

We can assist you with complex repairs and alterations of bracelets, resizing rings, fixing the claws on solitaire rings, and more.

Our workshop is equipped with both traditional tools and laser welding, enabling us to carry out even the most complicated jewellery repairs.

Perhaps you have a bracelet sitting in a drawer because it needs fixing or a ring that needs resizing.

Bracelets typically wear out most at the clasp, and eventually, the link may break.

Solitaire rings that are worn every day experience wear on the claws that hold your precious gemstone/diamond, and if you have a ring next to it, the lower part of the setting may also become worn where the rings meet. In most cases, we can remedy this type of wear. If the wear is extensive, we recommend manufacturing a new setting that is soldered onto the existing ring shank.

If a piece of jewellery has been repaired many times, it may eventually be better to use the gold to create a new piece of jewellery.

We also carry out modifications of your old jewellery! This way, you can preserve the sentimental value of your old piece!

For pricing information, please contact us via telephone, email, or our contact form. Feel free to send pictures of your jewellery, and we can assess whether it is feasible and worth repairing, often providing a price estimate.


Be sure to give as much necessary information as possible.