Mens Signet Rings

At Top Jewellery, our men’s signet ring collection combines historical significance with contemporary style. These rings, often adorned with family crests or emblems, range from the elegant Mens Buckle Ring in Gold with CZ stones, to the luxurious Men’s Gemstone Ring with Onyx, and the dazzling Mens Iced Out Ring with Baguette stone setting. The collection also features classic options like the Men Saddle Ring in 9ct solid gold and the sparkling Star Ring in silver. Available in various metal colors and styles, our signet rings cater to a range of preferences and budgets, with prices from £30 to £5,230, solidifying our position as a premier destination for men’s signet rings in Birmingham, UK.

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Our Men's Signet Rings Collection

The Signet Ring: A Distinctive Accessory

At Top Jewellery, we offer a unique kind of ring – the signet ring. This ornament is not just a fashion statement but a piece of history, symbolizing status and power. Traditionally, these rings were engraved with a family crest or emblem, each custom-made with intricate designs. Originally used to stamp important documents with a wax seal, today, they represent a blend of tradition and modern style, aligning perfectly with our ethos.

For the Family

Heraldry, which emerged in the medieval era, transformed signet rings from mere accessories to symbols of wealth and family identity. While it's rare today to see men wearing rings with their family crest, the modern designs still echo this tradition, making a statement in fashion.

If you own a family crest signet ring, we recommend using it sparingly and caring for it meticulously.

Used as Seals - Family Crest Engraving

Heads of families traditionally used their signet rings as seals. These rings, often made of gold or silver, were valuable and passed down through generations. They featured family crests or emblems on the flat surface, sometimes with an engraved gemstone to create a seal.

While you might not carry sealing wax everywhere, a signet ring with your family crest remains a meaningful item to cherish at home.

Signet Rings for Men and Timeless Style

At Top Jewellery, the opportunity to own a unique signet ring is a reality. Our range includes various options, from different karat golds to a selection of materials, accommodating university, military, or religious emblems.

Signet rings, or men's signet rings, have evolved into a stylish accessory. Their popularity has surged, especially in designs that are simple yet elegant. Whether adorned with gemstones, sporting an aged look, or made from non-precious metals, our signet rings are accessible to everyone, reflecting luxury and authenticity.

Typically worn on the little finger, some men prefer wearing them on the ring finger. Beyond their sleek and classic appearance, these rings symbolize a man's emotional connection to places or institutions. At Top Jewellery, we celebrate this blend of tradition and personal expression through our exquisite collection of signet rings.