Kids Gold Chains

Explore our Kids’ Gold Chains collection, for the younger generation. We offer a diverse range of gold chains in styles like kids Belcher Chains, Curb, Byzantine, Curb, Rope, and Franco, ensuring a match for every child’s unique taste. Our selection spans across various gold colors such as rose, tri-color, two-color, white, and yellow gold, and comes in 9ct solid gold, 14ct, and 18ct options, balancing durability with elegance.

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Choosing between 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold chains for kids depends on various factors:

9ct Solid Gold Chains for kids

These are a great choice for active kids. The lower gold content makes them more durable and resistant to wear and tear, which is ideal for everyday use and play.

14ct Gold Chains

These offer a balance between durability and higher gold content. They are less prone to scratching compared to 18k gold, making them a good choice for kids who are a bit older or for occasions that are less active but still require a bit of durability.

18ct Gold Chains

These are more luxurious, with a higher percentage of gold. They are better suited for special occasions or for older children who can take care of their jewelry. The higher gold content gives them a richer color but also makes them softer and more prone to scratches.

Color Variaty of Gold Chains for Children

  • Rose Gold Chains: Warm and cozy, perfect for a soft look.
  • Tri-Color Gold Chains: Fun mix of colors for a unique and playful style.
  • Two-Color Gold Chains: Cool combo for a bold look.
  • White Gold Chains: Trendy and sleek, great for a modern vibe.
  • Yellow Gold Chains: The traditional pick, always classy and elegant.


Just like our Men's range, the Kids' Gold Chains can be beautifully paired with other pieces of children's jewellery, such as a bangles, fun pendant for kids or a matching kids bracelets, to create a coordinated and stylish look.


Your order from Top Jewellery will be securely packaged in stylish jewellery boxes ready to be gifted, ensuring both elegance and protection. Each item is hallmarked and stamped for authenticity, emphasizing our commitment to quality and customer trust. We offer delivery fully insured and discreet packaging during shipping, free of charge within the UK. International shipping details are available in our FAQ. Most items are dispatched within 3 days, subject to length and stock availability. For urgent requests, please contact us at


At Top Jewellery, we ensure a smooth shopping experience for Kids' Gold Chains. With free UK delivery, a 30-day return policy, and secure, insured shipping, finding the perfect gold chain for your child is easy and reliable.